Saturday, 9 June 2012

this week's haul

Hi lovelies, If you haven't noticed I've completely deleted all my old blog posts and have decided to start fresh and new. How do you like my new template? I've shopped quite a bit this week and I wanted to share a couple of the things I've bought! these are a couple of the items that I've bought this week, exciting!


 First off is this lovely travelling bag and scarf that I picked up at H&M, the bag is tan, brown and navy and is quite large so you could use it as an overnight bag or as luggage for a short trip. I have the same scarf in a nudy pink color and I love it so much I decided to get it in navy as well. It's quite thick so I suppose I'll keep for the fall
Bag - $20 - H&M
Scarf - $5 - H&M
I also picked these up at H&M because they are so wonderfully priced! The sunglasses have a purple tint to them and a zebra print on the sides. The bangle is black and made with 50% recycled materials. It's circular on the inside and heart shaped on the outside
Sunglasses - $2 - H&M
Bangle - $2 - H&M
These are the last of the items that I bought at H&M. I haven't tried them yet so I hope they'll fit. They're the type of fold up flats that you can keep in your purses when you're tired of wearing other shoes all day long, plus they're super cute! Fold up flats - $3 - H&M

 I got this lip gloss and this lip stick in Shoppers Drug Mart. The lip gloss is a dark nude colour by Quo and the lip stick is a nice orangey tone by GOSH.
Lip gloss - $3 - QUO
Lip stick #148 Sundown - $3 - GOSH cosmetics

 This a mini 8 piece sampler set of Jr. Watkins products that I also bought in Shoppers Drug Mart. I absolutely loved their products. They're almost 100% natural and smell great. They had their sampler kit on sale so I decided to get one. The items are sample sized but should be enough for a couple uses. The kit was on sale for $10.

From left to right
Aloe and Green Tea Hand & Body Lotion
Mango Hand & Body Lotion
Peppermint Foot Cream
Aloe and Green Tea Body Cream
Lemon Cream Body Cream
Peppermint lip balm (full size)
Lemon Hand & Cuticle Salve
Lavender Hand & Salve


 One thing I absolutely can't live without is nail polish. So when I saw these great shades on sale at Shoppers, I couldn't resist! Four of them are from the Kardashian Color series from Nicole by O.P.I and the other three are by GOSH. My favourite of the bunch is the lovely tea green shade!
From left to right
Sealed with a Kris - $3 - Kardashian Color Nicole by O.P.I
My Empire ... My Rules - $3 - Kardashian Color Nicole by O.P.I
Rainbow in the S-Kylie - $3 - Kardashian Color Nicole by O.P.I
Disco Dolls - $3 - Kardashian Color Nicole by O.P.I
#610 Blissful - $3
#009 Bright Idea - $3 - GOSH
#609 Drizzle - $3 - GOSH


 These are two pairs of shoes that I got where I work. One is a pair of basic white pumps and the other are white wedges. I bought both to go with a dress I bought for my sister's graduation and I can't make up my mind on which to wear!

 On the left
 White Wedges - $39.99 - American Eagle at Payless Shoe Source

 On the right
White Pumps - $24.99 - Comfort Plus by Predictions at Payless Shoe Source

 Lastly, I bought a couple items at the Body Shop. These I've never tried before but I love mostly all their body products and their makeup. I've been wanted to buy something for my feet because between my two jobs I'm often standing and I wanted some products to help my keep my feet nice and smooth. I always buy my products in store but they have great promotions on their website as well. The product descriptions are partially from The Body Shop website. (Canadian The Body Shop website)

Top row, from left to right

Peppermint Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub - $14 ("Community Trade peppermint oil promotes a cooling sensation to leave feet feeling refreshed and helps to combat odor. Pumice granules from volcanic rock are intensely exfoliating to smooth and soften even the roughest skin. Menthol further cools skin to leave it feeling refreshed.")

Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue - $18
("Community Trade peppermint oil promotes a cooling sensation to leave feet feeling refreshed and helps to combat odor. Community Trade cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature. Sweet almond oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help to restore skin’s moisture barrier. Grape extract is a fruit acid that has skin smoothing and gentle exfoliation properties."

Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask - $16.50
("Cheat a little, care a lot. If you don't have time to clean, scrub and moisturize, just layer on this absorb-exfoliate-condition treasure. For normal to oily skin.")

Bottom row, from left to right

Coconut Body Butter - $6/each or 2 for $10 ("This rich and creamy Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains Community Fair Trade virgin organic coconut oil and has a totally tropical coconut scent.")

Satsuma Body Butter - $6/each or 2 for $10
("It contains Community Fair Trade shea butter and smells of fresh satsuma. Contains Satsuma oil, community Fair Trade shea butter, community Fair Trade cocoa butter, community Fair Trade soya oil, community Fair Trade brazil nut oil")

Aloe Soothing Night Cream - $20
("A rich night cream that moisturizes, comforts and calms the skin while you sleep, helping to restore its natural defense system and moisture barrier. Dermatologically approved and clinically proven as suitable for sensitive skin.")

 And the little bottle on the right....

Tea Tree Oil - $9
("A medicine cabinet must. A pre-blended oil which can be used in many different ways to help soothe blemished skin. Dab directly onto skin at first sign of a blemish.")

 Well, that's it for today. I won a free pair of circle lenses from so I'll review those as soon as I receive them! xx J.E

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