Friday, 27 July 2012

Glymm Bag July 2012

Hi Loves,

A little late but this is my review of the Glymm bag for July 2012.
I got the bag on July 16th and since then I've gotten the chance to try all the products in the bag so I can give a proper review of all the products.

This month, July's bag is a nice orange color which is perfect for the summer time. It has Glymm's logo imprinted in gold on the bag.


There was 5 products in the bag this month from these brands : Dirt, Cyberderm, Mane Teeze and Joico.


The first products are two moisturizers by Cyberderm. The packaging is very creative as they come in little plastic syringes which makes easy application and ensures that you don't use too much. One of the products is a H2O Hydration cream that I would mainly use as a day cream. The consistency and the texture of the cream is very nice and light and it smells quite fresh. I loved that my face didn't feel sticky after applying it before my makeup. The sample promises around 5 uses and the full price (50 ml) retails for $60.

The second syringe moisturizer is a PM Anti-age cream also by Cyberderm. Unlike the H2O cream, this one smells very strong, almost perfume like. However it has the same pleasant light texture as the other cream. This sample promises around 5 uses and the full size (50 ml) retails at $115.

The next product is a hair perfume by Mane Teeze. This sample called "Social Butterfly" is a literally a deodorant for your hair. This scent is infused with vanilla but I felt it smelled more like coconut to me. The spray is very lightweight and does give off a scent. However, I'm personally not a fan of coconut or vanilla scents so I did not enjoy this product. I think I would have enjoyed another scent better. I read somewhere that Glymm might be offering the other two scents this product comes in, in the next bags. This sample promises around 50 sprays and the full size (50 ml) retails at $34.

Next products is a salt scrub by Dirt. Even though it's a very small sample size, this has got to be my favorite product in the bag. Its a fruit smelling salt scrub that promises to remove dead skin cells from your skin. I've used it on both my body and face and loved the scent! It's a mix of fresh scents of cucumber, fig and pear and is an absolutely great smell! Too bad the full size is very much out of my price range, otherwise I would consider buying this product. This small sample promises around 2 uses and the full size (12 oz) retails at $45.

The last product is by Joico. It's a K-Pak Revitaluxe hair treatement. Now, because I love Joico shampoos and conditioner, I was expecting great things from this product but I was a little disappointed. It's a hair treatment that says to treat damaged hair and well as protecting it from future damage. I found the smell nice and pleasant but that my hair didn't feel as smooth and silky after using it. It's meant to be applied to wet hair and rinsed out after 3-5 minutes. This sample size promises up to 3 uses and the full size (150 ml) retails at a good price of $25.

Also in the bag is a coupon code for 25% nail polishes on It expires on August 31st. I don't think I will be using it as I have so many nail polishes already.

And that's it :)
I hope you enjoy my quick review. I was a little disappointed by the products in this bag and I hope that next month's will be better.

Until next time, tahtah

xo J


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